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The purpose of the Poepoz Comic Book Stores Directory e is to catalog all comic stores in USA and UK. But that’s just the beginning. The second objective of the site is to form a database with the largest possible number of links about magazines, artists, and characters. Thus, we in Poepz are committed to the rescue, preservation, and dissemination of the memory of the comics launched in our country throughout all time.

comic book store directory

These goals become a reality every day thanks to the participation of our employees. In this way, in addition to the already traditional functions on the site, Poepz has also become a social network, where you can create your own profile page, to exchange information about the comics you have, check the missing item to complete your collection, Meet other collectors with whom you can exchange information about HQs, search new titles to enrich your collection, just citing some of the possibilities that our site offers.

Also, check in our directory if there is a comic book store in your area of residence. We have a huge directory of stores and you can use the search box for better search. Check our comic book stores list here

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